Feb 5, 2021
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  1. Pre-Medical
1. cGPA: 3.87 sGPA: 3.9
2. MCAT: 512 (130/125/127/130) (Disappointed with the CARS score as I was testing at 128/9 beforehand...)
3. Michigan
4. ORM
5. University of Michigan graduating in May with a degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Science, Technology, and Medicine
6. Clinical Experience:
Volunteer in endoscopy unit: 90 hrs (1 summer)
Volunteer in outpatient surgery unit: 60 hrs (2 semester)
Volunteer at children's hospital: 110 hrs (multiple semesters)
Volunteer and organizer of monthly children's hospital gaming get-together: 40 hrs
Certified CNA Training (classroom and nursing home): 110 hrs
7. No research... I am taking an upper level lab course right now and we are working towards a manuscript to get published
8. Shadowing:
Pediatric/NICU: 10 hrs
Virtual Emergency Medicine: 10 hrs
Gastroenterologist: 5 hrs
(Was planning on getting a lot more this past year...)
9. Non-clinical volunteering:
Childcare at Circles (a national program for ending poverty through local intervention): 85 hrs (1 year and ongoing)
Volunteer at food bank: 60 hrs (1 year)
10. Other Extracurriculars:
Job as a bus driver throughout school: 875 hrs (2 years and ongoing)
Job as intro bio and chem tutor: 165 hrs (2 years and ongoing)
Director of org that visits med schools on spring break: 200 hrs. (1 year and ongoing)
Pre-med mentor: 80 hours (2 years and ongoing)
IM Sports Captain for 4 sports: 70 hrs.
Summer job at car wash: 500 hrs. (1 summer)
Leadership team for basketball student section: 90 hrs. (2.5 years)
11. Honors/awards:
University Honors every semester
Biology tutor of the year

Current School List (no order):
Michigan St. (MD)
Michigan St. (DO)
Central Michigan
Western Michigan
Wayne State
Wake Forest
George Washington
Loyola (IL)
Rosalind Franklin
Penn St.

Are these schools reasonable? I feel good about my application except for the lack of research, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance to everybody who is able to help me!


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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
You have a good list and should receive several interviews. You could add these schools:
Medical College Wisconsin
St. Louis
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May 28, 2014
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  1. Medical Student
Solid application.

Look into adding Albany, NYMC, Temple, Jeff.
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