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Aug 20, 2018
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hey everybody, just got my MCAT score back today and was interested in some input from the knowledgeable folks here. I also want to make the point that I won't be applying til next cycle also, since I wanted to devote 100% of my time this summer to the MCAT and 100% of my time next year to my application so that it can be the best the first time around.

cGPA and sGPA: 3.52, 3.55 (it should be noted that my trend goes from 2.87 for freshman year to then 4.0, 4.0, and hopefully 4.0 for my senior year)

MCAT: 515 (130/127/130/128)

State of Residence: Indiana

Race: White

Attending Purdue University Fort Wayne with a BS in Biochemistry and a double minor in Biology and Psychology

Clinical Experience/Shadowing:
-Going to guess ~2500-3000 hours of scribing experience in a very busy community hospital emergency department in rural Ohio (my most meaningful experience and will calculate actual numbers in the future I'm just lazy rn)
-Around ~65 hours volunteering with a local hospice organization (going into patient's homes to hang out, nursing homes etc)
-12 hours or so of shadowing ER physician at a large regional medical center
-Plan on shadowing intensivist and general surgeon at my hospital before the years end (maybe ~20 hours or so for each? not sure yet)

Non clinical experience:
- >300 hours being a chemistry tutor at my university (very fun and I love teaching). This was a paid position but I put well over 200 hours of my own time to do it for free.
- About ~100 hours being an embedded TA in both organic 1 and 2
- Around ~250 or so hours working in my own lab, started doing green chemistry and have moved on to green chemistry applications in electrochemistry. Plan on having at least a review paper and poster presentation on it by the time I graduate in the spring.
- Volunteered as a judge for a science far for 4th and 5th graders
- Member of school's premed club
- Treasurer of Biology club
- Secretary of Tri-beta biology honors association

Academic awards:
- Deans list and honors list 2nd, 3rd, (hopefully 4th year)
- Tri-beta honors association starting from 3rd year of undergrad

Extra stuff:
- Cooking and camping are probably my two favorite hobbies, I love being outdoors and working with my hands. From a very young age I've worked on engines and building all manner of things in my spare time, from bikes to boats to planes. Traveling is also something that I love to do, and have tried to go somewhere new each summer (except this one unfortunately), my favorite place on earth so far being Sicilia. I have learned from my experiences that I want to be the kind of person that you can drop anywhere in the world, and I'll be able to solve whatever problems get thrown at me with whatever resources are available to me at that time. I do have a lot of interest in rural medicine, and would like to work in community hospitals if I end up making it that far. I also have no issue about whatever two letters happen to come after my name, I just know that I want to be a physician and whichever road gets me there is the road that takes me. And also if it matters I eventually want to live out west, like 4 corners area, but probably closer to the Utah/Arizona side of things.

Schools I've come up with so far:

Indiana University School of Medicine
Ohio State University
Marian University COM
Wayne State
Rosalind Franklin

And from there I am kind of stumped on where else to look lol, I would really like to get into IU though.

Thanks to all the people on this site who take time out to help!


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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
I suggest these schools with your stats:
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
Michigan State
Medical College Wisconsin
St. Louis
USF Morsani
Virginia Commonwealth
Eastern Virginia
George Washington
Ohio State
Seton Hall
New York Medical College
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