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WAMC - Need Help with School List and Feedback

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Full Member
May 29, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Applying Next Year (Summer of 2021 to matriculate 2022)

College: University of Minnesota Duluth
sGPA: 3.97
nsGPA: 4.00
cGPA: 3.98
Majors: Chemistry and Biology
Taking the MCAT in August

ECs (at time of application next June):
NCAA Cross Country and Track and Field (2500 hrs)
Undergraduate Research Opportunities (two independent research projects, one being bench biology work and one being with the UMD Medical school = 240 hrs, with 2 poster presentations as well)
Medical Missions (two one week medical mission trips to South America and Africa)
Clinical Volunteering (Nursing home, Hospital, Hospice, Free clinic = 500 hrs)
Nonclinical Volunteering (Boy and Girls Club = 150 hrs)
Campus Ministry Leadership (small group leader, retreats, support teams, promo, etc.) + 2 Mission Trips (650 hrs)
Chemistry Tutoring (2 semesters = 90)
Honors Program at UMD
Mortar Board Honors Society
Working as a Camp Counselor (1 summer)
Undergraduate TA (2 semesters = 100 hrs)
Physician Shadowing (125 hrs)
Summer Internship for Pre-med students (research, shadowing, seminars)
Organized a large fundraising project for the local Children’s Hospital (to buy Christmas gifts)
Pre-Medicine Club Member
Clinical Work: PCA (700 hrs)
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