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WAMC/School List: 3.7 cGPA/3.6 sGPA/515 MCAT


New Member
Jun 5, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi everyone! I’m looking for advice on which schools to apply to in this cycle. I qualify as Disadvantaged on AMCAS and have FAP so I am able to apply to 20 schools. I’ve left off the Philly schools for personal reasons but am open to any other suggestions for my school list.

  • cGPA: 3.7, sGPA: 3.6
    • For additional context, I had a really rough first 3 semesters of undergrad which included loss of income for my family, a parent’s cancer diagnosis, and 2 hospitalizations for me (1 for emergency surgery, then had to go back due to complications) so I have a lot of B’s, a C in Cell Bio and C- in Organic I from my 1st 3 semesters. I have a strong upward trend for the last 5 semesters (all A+/A/A- s) and in classes such as Organic II, Molecular Bio, and Biochem.
  • MCAT: 1st attempt 510 (125/128/126/131), 2nd attempt 515 (130/127/128/130)
  • State of Residence: Arizona
  • Demographics: White and Vietnamese, female
  • Languages: English, Vietnamese (spoken in childhood home), Spanish
  • Undergraduate institution: State school (outside of my state of residence)
  • Major: Biology, Minors: Spanish and Computational Research
  • LoRs are strong according to my pre-med advisor on Committee
    • I have a Committee Letter which includes 5 letters: 2 science profs (1 from PI), 1 non-science Spanish prof, 1 physician who I’ve shadowed, and 1 from my manager at my food service job
  • Paid Employment:
    • Bussing/food running at a dine-in movie theater and a Thai restaurant (~1100 hours)
    • Intro Biology lab TA (88 hours)
    • Work study job at library on campus (~500 hours)
    • Full time medical assistant and scribe at internal medicine clinic for gap year while I am applying, I just began and will continue working there for a year (2080 hours)
  • Clinical Volunteer Work:
    • President of student volunteer program doing health screenings in the community at the Salvation Army and in a rural health clinic (~100 hours)
    • Patient education and Spanish medical interpreting at a disadvantaged clinic (~45 hours)
    • Volunteer medical assisting in clinic (~75 hours)
  • Nonclinical Volunteer Work:
    • Mentoring and tutoring children (some who spoke mainly Spanish) at the public library in various subjects (~50 hours)
    • Shopping for elderly/at risk people during pandemic (~25 hours so far, may be able to do more)
  • Research:
    • Research in drug leads for neurodegenerative diseases sophomore-senior year (including a summer). I have 2 poster presentations at university conferences, 2 live stream presentations through Honors College, but no pubs (~300 hours)
  • Shadowing:
    • Internal medicine (15 hours), Family Medicine (40 hours), Pediatrics (6 hours)
  • Honors/Awards:
    • Full out-of-state tuition merit scholarship for 4 years from my university
    • Accepted into a prestigious honors program within the Honors College at my university (40 members accepted each year). I also received an additional scholarship from this program (they select 2-3 freshman each year as recipients).
    • Inducted member of AED (pre-health honor society)
  • Extracurriculars/Hobbies:
    • Competed in a university wide and a statewide collegiate case competition for solving global health issues (was captain of my team)
    • Songwriting and playing guitar, ukulele, and piano (I was a finalist in a songwriting competition in Nashville and the rights to one of my songs has been registered by an artist on Spotify)

  • University of Arizona – Tucson
  • University of Arizona – Phoenix
  • Wake Forest
  • Creighton
  • St. Louis University
  • Mayo AZ (Reach)
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Loyola
  • Emory
  • University of Miami
  • George Washington
  • Keck at USC (Reach)
  • Hofstra
  • USF Morsani
  • University of Pittsburgh (Reach)
  • Albany Medical College
  • Boston University (Reach)
  • Geisel at Dartmouth
  • New York Medical College
  • Oakland University
  • Penn State
  • University of Vermont
  • Tulane
  • Virginia Commonwealth
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New Member
Jun 5, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Sorry, I'm missing the connection between being a resident of Arizona and avoiding the Philadelphia area. (I'm sure you have your reasons, but I don't understand why you needed to mention this unless to explain why they weren't on your list.)

Yes, I mentioned it to explain why these schools weren't on my list. Sorry if that was unclear!
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