WAMC/school list help please: GPA 3.95, MCAT 515


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Oct 5, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
    Year in school: 3rd

    State of Residence: IL

    Schools to which you are applying: Need alot of help here... Trying to narrow it down but currently have (bolded = if I had to submit right now these would be the schools I'd choose)

    Illinois Schools (6/6): Loyola, Northwestern, Rosalind Franklin, Rush, U of Chicago, U of Illinois

    Reach (5/8) : Stanford, John Hopkins, Duke, Columbia, UCSF, Washington University at St. Louis, U of Penn, Yale,

    Open to not applying to Stanford or UCSF and instead applying to more Safety Schools?

    In-range (17/19): U of Mich, UCLA, NYU, Vanderbilt, U of Pitt, UCSD, Cornell, Icahn, Baylor, Mayo, Case Western, *Emory, **U of Virginia, Ohio State, USC-Keck, U of Rochester, Dartmouth , Albert Einstein, Hofstra

    Thinking of taking off UCLA and UCSD from the list due to high IS bias so they'll probably be expecting killer stats.. Thinking of applying to Dartmouth but I heard they have a preference for their own UGs and nontrads?

    "Safety" Schools (11/21): USF-Morsani, U of Cinncinati, Miami U, Indiana U, MC Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Tufts, BU, Jacobs School of Medicine at Buffalo (have family connect), Virginia Tech, Wayne State, SUNY Downstate, EVMS, U of central Florida, Tulane, Georgetown, George Washington, Temple, Drexel, Thomas Jefferson, VCU,

    Should I apply to more of the low yield schools (ie. Georgetown, Drexel, etc)/?

    cGPA: 3.95

    sGPA: 3.95

    MCAT: 515 (130/126/131/128)

    Research: toxicology lab for 150 hours for 6 months, 1 year at a biology lab working full-time during the summer and doing thesis during the year (1000 hours) presented one poster at a student conference at my university, 200 hours over 6 months at a genetics lab (still ongoing + possible pub in the process although this wont happen before july), 1 year at a cancer lab (1000 hours)

    Clinical Volunteering: 400 hours volunteering in a rural hospital over 4 years, 300 hours volunteering in a cardiology clinic over 1.5 years

    Physician Shadowing: 60 hours with 1 doctor (should I diversify??)

    Non-clinical Volunteering: volunteering at a homeless shelter for 300 hours over 2 years, volunteering with at-risk youth for 300 hours, tutoring for 80 hours

    Extracurricular Activities: intramural sports, running Employment History: 2 years as an intramural ref (150 hours), 2 summers as a research assistant (including above)

    Immediate family members in medicine? n

    Specialty of interest: surgery but who really knows

    Graduate Degrees: n

    Interest in rural health: n
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    Oct 5, 2016
    1. Pre-Medical
      @Goro would I be able to get some advice on my school list? I'm trying to have a top heavy list because I really enjoy research and want more opportunities for that but also tried to throw in some safety schools. Willing to apply to 35 schools . Thank you so much!!!


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        I suggest the following:

        I suggest the following. Nothing wrong with aiming high; the ones I have in bold are schools where your MCAT score is 2-3 points below their avg, and your GPA is ~ the same as the school avg. Thus, proceed with caution on these, but I feel you're in striking distance for some.

        U VM
        U Toledo
        St. Louis
        Albert Einstein
        Rush (note: very service/experience oriented with a 150hr service requirement. Avg student has 800 hours of community service, and >1800 hours of health care exposure.)
        Rosy Franklin
        Wake Forest
        USF Morsani
        Mt Sinai

        Any new MD school, especially Hofstra. Skip Central MI and the three new FL schools. I can't recommend CNU.
        Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment)
        Your state school(s).
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