WAMC/School list help

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cGPA: 3.9
sGPA: 3.85
MCAT: 520
Nonclinical volunteering: 250 hours at 2 food pantries, 50 hours at a blood bank, both over the course of ~1.5 years
Clinical experience (not volunteering): 750 hours as a CNA over the course of 1 year
Shadowing: 50 hours in neuro ICU
Major: neuroscience
Research: Estimating around 500 hours, 1 pub
Leadership: Coordinated a blood drive at the blood bank I mentioned earlier
State of residence: Ohio
Demographics: ORM, almost first gen (my mom just went back to school and got a bachelor's)/no doctors in family, rural, lowish ses (parental income combined 70k, 2 dependents)

Hey guys, I was just curious about what my school list should look like. I haven't actually made one, because I fear that I will make it too top heavy or underestimate what schools I have a good shot at getting into. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.