WAMC/ School List (low GPA, SMP)

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Jun 8, 2020
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I need advice on my school list and I really would like to include both UCSF and John Hopkins as they are both my dream schools but, do I even have a chance?
  • Undergraduate: Top 10 public school in CA Graduate: Well-known SMP
  • Country/state of residence: CA/ MA (SMP program was one year long, so idk if I have residency)
  • Undergraduate cGPA: 3.06 sGPA: 2.58 Graduate GPA: 3.93 (SMP)
  • MCAT Scores: 506 (May 2019) --> 517 (August 2019)
  • Experiences
    • Research – include any abstracts/posters/publications and how you were credited (eg. First author, senior author, etc):
      • Undergraduate:
        • 600 hours in a memory lab (no poster or presentation)
        • Summer Program : 200 hours
          • I carried out my own research involving ASD and presented my poster at the end of the program.
      • Graduate:
        • ~ 500 hours in a neuroscience lab
          • Co-authored on a paper and presented my work.
        • Currently hired as a junior specialist (will be working during my gap year as I apply)
          • Starting in August
    • Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites:
      • Undergraduate:
        • 40 hours at a hospital
        • 120 hours as a medical interpreter abroad (summer after I completed my bachelors)
      • Graduate:
        • 100 hours at a hospital
        • Hopefully I will be able to go back as a medical interpreter for another month (I'm just waiting on conformation because of COVID-19)
          • That would be another 90-120 hours
    • Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties:
      • 30 hours in gastroenterologist
      • 26 hours in family medicine
      • 40 hours in general surgeon
    • Non-clinical volunteering:
      • Undergraduate + Graduate:
        • 215 hours as a crisis counselor
      • Undergraduate:
        • 30 hours at a research convention
      • Graduate:
        • 50 hours volunteering at a local food back
    • Extracurricular activities:
      • Undergraduate:
        • Member of a club for 3 years, where I participated in their events and banquets
      • Graduate:
        • Ran marathons (2 half and 1 full)
          • Fundraised over $1500 for organizations that I supported
          • I was suppose to run another marathon this summer but it's canceled due to COVID
    • Leadership:
      • Not much :(
    • Employment:
      • Undergraduate:
        • ~ 1000 hours as a customer service representative (Freshman - mid Junior year)
        • ~ 400 hours as a food delivery driver (Sophomore - Senior year)
        • ~ 100 hours babysitting (Sophomore - Junior year)
        • ~ 400 hours as a event coordinator (Junior - Senior year)
      • Graduate:
        • ~ 400 hours as an EMT
        • I'm probably going to apply as a part-time EMT during my gap year
  • Immediate family members in medicine? (y/n): No
    • First generation and URM
  • School List:
    • MD Schools:
      • Guaranteed interview @ SMP
      • UC Davis
      • UC Irvine
      • UCSD (kinda reach)
      • UC Riverside
      • Kaiser
      • California Northstate
      • Loma Linda
      • Drexel
      • Temple
      • University of Cincinnati
      • Wake Forest
      • EVMS
      • Loyola
      • BU
      • UMass
    • DO Schools:
      • California HS
      • Michigan State
      • Touro
      • Campbell
Word of advice to anyone who suffered a low GPA during undergraduate, DON'T GIVE UP! When I graduated college I really thought that I would never become a doctor but something in me told me to keep trying. And, now I've completed my master's program, revamped my studying habits and found my passion. I'm happier now than I ever was in my fours years of undergraduate because I've learned how to take things slowly and ask for help.
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Sep 15, 2012
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On your DO list Michigan State accepts few non residents and the tuition is very high. Add more DO schools and I suggest these:
LECOM (all schools)
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Sep 15, 2012
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You could add these MD schools:
California University
Arizona (Tucson and Phoenix)
Einstein (located in the Bronx- 60% Hispanic population)
George Washington
Rosalind Franklin
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
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Oct 14, 2011
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Your question is about your chances at UCSF or Hopkins. I can't really speak for either of those admissions processes, but if undergrad GPA is a strong screening factor, then the answer is that I don't think your chances are good unless their admissions staff says they have admitted candidates with similar background as you.