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Oct 22, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical

    I am hoping to apply soon and am trying to finalize a school list (looking to apply to ~40 schools as a Cali resident). School list is a top-heavy so need some advice for undershoots that may fit goals/stats. I made my list based on the school's public-health/compsci programs as I am applying dual-degree to most of these so my undershoot schools ended up being low-yield. Any advice on schools I can swap those with would be greatly appreciated.
    1. MCAT: 515 [129 CP/127 CARS/129 BB/130 PS]
    2. GPA/Major: 3.75 (3.5 freshman year, 3.9 sophomore and junior year), top-ranked undergrad/Computer Engineering+Biochemistry Majors
    3. Research (>2500 hours):
      1. honors thesis
      2. independent data analysis projects involving machine learning
      3. no pubs yet
    4. Shadowing (160 hours):
      1. 120 hours pediatrics abroad
      2. 40 hours sports medicine/family medicine in US
    5. Leadership - not otherwise listed (450 hours):
      1. Engineering society leadership (400 hours)
      2. Health disparity campus course developer and facilitator (50 hours)
    6. Nonclinical Volunteering (850 hours):
      1. Founded and president of a medical aid club (700 hours)
      2. Underserved populations tutor (150 hours)
    7. Clinical Volunteering (300 hours):
      1. 150 hours sports medicine clinic
      2. 150 hours children's hospital
    8. Teaching: Biochem undergrad TA, Engineering society tutor
    9. LoRs: Physician, PI, 3 science teachers
    10. Other:
      1. played soccer throughout college
      2. I design/build furniture
      3. Have an interesting story with parents strongly against medicine
      4. Had a lot of family problems freshman year and had to go back and forth a lot
    11. Strong interest in healthcare disparities and engineering medicine.
    School List
    Target + (25-50% MCAT):
    I've listed all the MSTP program's I'm applying for here although all the MSTP MCAT averages are between 513-516.
    U Illinois (MD/PhD)
    UColorado (MD/PhD)
    U Pitt (MD/PhD)
    Einstein (MD/PhD)
    University of Minnesota (MD/PhD)
    Kaiser Permanente (MD/PhD)
    U Mass (MD/PhD)
    NYU Long Island
    UT Southwestern (MD/PhD)
    Emory (MD/PhD)
    Ohio State (MD/PhD)
    University of Cincinatti (MD/PhD)
    UC Irvine
    UCSF - strong ties to this school
    U Mich
    Case Western (CCLCM)
    U Wisc - Madison (MD/PhD)
    Boston U
    Undershoot (above 75% MCAT):
    Albany Medical College
    Virginia Tech
    Target - (51-75% MCAT):
    UC Davis (family is from NorCal)
    George Washington
    University of Miami
    Carle Illinois
    Texas A&M (engineering track - no in-state preference)
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