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WAMC/School List



    I'm applying MD/PhD-MSTP. I thought of just applying to a few schools this cycle, since I don't have many clinical hours, but a friend recently suggested I apply to many more, and make a post here for additional feedback. I would greatly appreciate any advice/insight.
    Here is my profile:

    MCAT: 523 (129/132/131/131)
    GPA: 3.78
    Volunteering, non-clinical: 200 hours for a crisis line; ~50 for different opportunities in undergrad
    Shadowing: 50 hours in Italy, where I shadowed different specialities during a January term; 16 domestic hours (I expected to shadow/volunteer more this spring; I have more projected hours, for clinical volunteering as well).
    Research: extensive experience in undergrad, earned highest distinction for my thesis, but no publication. Currently a postbac at the NIH, author on an abstract that was recently published.
    Other: I was in a competitive poetry writing program at my university. I also speak English and Italian, and am proficient in Spanish and French. I have extensive experience teaching (orgo lab TA, taught english in Italy through an EU-funded program).
    Employment: I worked throughout undergrad as a hostess, waitress, and barista.

    Current school list:

    U of Pennsylvania
    U of Chicago
    U of Virginia
    U of California, SD
    U of Michigan
    U of Colorado
    U of Washington
    Medical University of South Carolina


      You don't have a lot of clinical experience. Why not apply Ph.D. only?
      From the clinical experience I do have, I find the interactions between doctors and patients to be tremendously inspiring. I also have seen numerous examples of how having an MD background combined with the PhD training can lead to remarkable insights. Although I enjoy working in the lab, I know I would benefit from working directly with people. I have much more clinical "experience" from personal/family situations, which of course drives my motivation as well.
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