WAMC TMDSAS 2024-2025 3.6 GPA

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Aug 26, 2021
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GPA Trend: U-Trend where I did poorly junior year but managed to get a 3.9 GPA senior year. sGPA 3.57 and cGPA 3.61.

MCAT: 513

Clinical Experience:
- 800 hrs ED Scribe (Adult & Pediatrics)/Scribe Trainer
- 500 hrs IM Medical Assistant (Bilingual)

Research Experience:
-500 hrs Research Assistant for 4 semesters
-2 Poster Presentations
-1 Publication
-1 Paper under review

- 30 hrs in orthopedics + neurology

Non-Clinical Experience:
- 280 hrs volunteer for summer school (church)

- 300 hrs Secretary for 500+ member club

Academic Award(s):
- Received scholarship prior to enrollment at my university

- 100 hrs Cultural Dance
- Singing (Hobby)
- Drawing (Hobby)

Concerned for my GPA and am planning to submit my application May and complete secondaries/submit LORs by late June (latest). I will be looking to retake my MCAT if necessary before apps open for submission.

An honest feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
You don’t need to retake that MCAT and your GPA with its upward trend is fine for TX.
I would suggest 1 more doctor shadowing experience and add to your non-medical volunteer hours outside of your church.
Apply to all the TMDSAS schools
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As advised, make sure you itemize your church activities and get other nonclinical community service activities outside of church or campus. You need 150 hours to avoid getting screened out at most schools.

Your withdrawals are history so as long as you can explain it, leave the decisions to the faculty. I would be concerned with the 3x repeat biochemistry course.
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Thank you, I would like to note that I recalculated my GPA which is a 3.56sGPA and 3.6 cGPA. I’m not sure if this would make a difference. Also, I had 3 W’s sprinkled throughout my undergraduate years (2 prerequisites and 1 misc) from 1 semester sophomore year (Bio 2 which I took again and got a C), 1 semester junior year (Biochem which I took x2 and got a C -> A), and 1 semester senior year (Calc class that was not required). I was wondering if this pattern would raise some concerns to the adcoms. For the first 2 W’s, I was learning how to study more efficiently with the increased load of EC’s that I had which reflected my GPA dipping for junior year. For my spring semester of senior year, I took this math course which was not required but I decided to take it as an elective. I had to withdraw just from that course so I went from taking 19 credit hours to 15 credit hours. I was unable to focus my time in this class due to scheduling conflicts with work and my other EC’s overtime.
Please don't over-explain any of this W stuff on your application essays. If asked about it, briefly explain.
There are no extra "Bonus points" for trying to take a big number of hours in any given semester (like your 19 hour semester).
Spending a lot of time at your church summer school is a good meaningful activity that brings out the importance of being a part of your cultural community, and you can write about it in one of your TMDSAS essays if you wish. It might not be classified as service to those less fortunate, though, and that is why I suggested adding to your non-medical volunteer hours somewhere else.
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