WAMC with this list? 515 MCAT SMP student with low uGPA stats. Just finished 1st year of SMP with 4.0

Jan 28, 2020
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Stealing formatting from another kind SDN soul:angelic:. I was hoping for advice as to where to apply. I was aiming for lower tier MD and more DOs, but after my recent MCAT score which jumped from a 504 to a 515 I was hoping to widen the scope a bit. Any help is greatly appreciated! My SMP courses consisted of Biochemistry I & II and Physiology I & II so far.
With all of that out of the way, here are my stats....
  • Just finished first year of SMP at a medical school in Biomedical Sciences
  • State: NY
  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.21, Science GPA 2.9. BA in Biology, minor in Health and Wellness
  • Graduate GPA 4.0
  • MCAT Score: 6/27: 515 (130/127/130/128)
  • Research - Poster presentation of solo project in undergrad, working in graduate research lab at school totaling around 500 hours
  • Volunteering: Clinical as an EMT: 270 hours, around 300 hours nonclinical with special Olympics and public health venture
  • Shadowing: None - besides uGPA and sGPA this is my biggest worry. I have a lot of research, clinical, and volunteering but was advised against shadowing
  • Employment: EMT for Town Park (about 1000 hours over 3 summers)
  • Immediate family members in medicine: No
  • Specialty of Interest: PM&R, EM
  • Other Pertinent Information: Failed 1 2-credit Math course that I retook and got a B (same semester)
  • Schools:
Hardcore reach:
  1. Einstein
  2. Dartmouth
  3. Emory

  1. SUNY Buffalo
  2. SUNY Stony Brook
  3. SUNY Upstate
  4. SUNY Downstate
  5. Vermont
  6. Maryland
  7. Miami
  8. Tufts
  9. Georgetown
  10. Loyola
  11. Thomas Jefferson
  12. Drexel
  13. George Washington
  14. Rutgers
  15. NYMC
  16. Quinnipiac
  17. Temple
  18. NYU LI
  19. Rush Medical
  1. PCOM
  2. Touro NY
  3. NYIT

Here you have it. Any school suggestions would be very helpful. For cost reasons, I was hoping to limit my list to 25 schools.

Thank you all!


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Sep 15, 2012
  1. Attending Physician
Maryland and Rutgers accept very few non residents with your GPA and no connection to the state. Rush expects many more shadowing and clinical exposure hour than you have. I suggest adding these schools:
Penn State
Medical College Wisconsin
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
Also add more DO schools and consider these:
LECOM (all schools)

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