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Nov 4, 2010
Hi, folks.

Many years ago, I gave away all my MCAT books in good conditions (almost new) for free to several friends of mine. I am now once again embarking on the MCAT adventure.

Is there any kind soul who is willing to remove their Berkely Review books from the bookshelf and can afford to have some more book space available? By the time you move out of your apartment or dorm room, you will be glad that the whole pile of books was gone.

I'd like to go for paying $50 for all six books and shipping. (Asking for media mail shipping in any of the U.S. Post Offices will do.)

Physics I and II
Organic Chem I and II
Gen Chem I and II

If you wish to donate them to me for a good cause, that'll be even better. I will be still paying for your shipping fee though.

Please PM me.
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