Wanting to have a kid before residency but will be preg during interviews


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Apr 30, 2006
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So I would like to have a kid before residency but I would pregnant during interviews. Would it look bad if I was pregnant during interviews eventhough I am trying to have the kid before residency so I don't have to take time off during residency?

Diane L. Evans

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Nov 16, 1998
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Don't worry. I was in the same boat as you! I actually interview for the National Health Service Scholarship at 6 months gestation. It actually gave me an advantage as I was able to discuss topics of planning for new additions and maintaining my clinical responsibilities.

I recommend an au pair or getting a professional nanny if a family member is unavailable to help. While the first year of residency is the toughest I delivered first year of residency (my first rotation) #2 on my call night!.

It is possible to start a family in residency or medical school it takes an understanding spouse supportive family and LOTS of patience. I now have 4 children all pregnant during residency and medical school. Of course I had wonderful mentors and super program directors which really helped a lot!

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May 28, 2004
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Going into OB/GYN is a huge plus when you're pregnant during interviews. I was 7-9 months pregnant during interview season and aside from having to limit where I applied so I could drive to all my interviews I thought it went well. It made me stand out, that's for sure. People always remembered the pregnant girl. All of the programs I applied to were very accomodating when I was there, letting me take bathroom breaks or skip the tour for example. I did not tell them I was pregnant in my application or when scheduling interviews though. I turned down a few interviews because they were just after my baby was born and I didn't want to travel with a newborn.

To me, if the program would have made me feel uncomfortable because I was pregnant then I didn't want to go to that program anyway...but I didn't experience anything negative.

Be prepared for lots of questions, mainly how far along are you, how has it been, do you think this is helping you to connect better with your patients, etc. Not one question about other baby plans, which was nice. PM me if you have any more specific questions.