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Oct 15, 2006
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Any input or info on the program would be great. I have heard it isn't as reliable as other post bacs so I was curious from some more insight.

I was accepted into it about 3 years ago but opted to take a job in DC instead, now I am back looking at post-bac programs again (but of course now I am no longer a PA resident - came from Pittsburgh to here, although I have heard sometimes they will grant "returning resident" status if you lived there your entire life).

Getting into UPITT is an accomplishment so I would love to hear your take on WC. Also, what is your residency? How's it going?


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Feb 23, 2007
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The thing you have to know about WC is that their stats are kind of shady. They have a great placement record, but they only include people whom they recommend highly and they only recommend highly people they know will get in! Nevertheless, they did the job for me and I got where I wanted to go. I chose them because I am from WC and could live with my parents, pay in-state tuition and walk to classes. I saved a lot of money doing that. And it seemed that so many post-bac programs are really off the wall expensive. The classes, teaching, and mentorship at WCU were really good. My only real beef with the program is their lack of support if they don't think you measure up. I didn't have that problem, but a friend of mine did. However, she still got into med school. She applied through her undergraduate school's pre-med office.

Oh and I'm a 3rd year psychiatry resident. I love it. :)
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