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Dec 17, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    KYCOM Pros:
    - You get free stuff, which is cool
    - pretty cheap relatively
    - is slightly closer to home, has rotations in Michigan
    - mountains are nice to hike through

    KYCOM Cons:
    - Heavy OMT focus
    - one of the guys on the student forum rubbed me the wrong way which I know doesn't matter really but I'm listing it anyway
    - very rural, isolated town
    - unsure of how much culture shock I'll get from moving from northern MI to eastern KY

    WCUCOM Pros
    - also pretty cheap
    - have heard good things about faculty
    - Hattiesburg is an actual city which is nice
    - can rotate in MS delta which sounds cool to me

    WCUCOM Cons:
    - Is in southern Mississippi (Hot and wet)
    - one time got destroyed by a tornado?
    - is a Baptist school
    - unsure of how much culture shock I will get moving from northern MI to southern MS

    I got accepted at KYCOM and at WCUCOM and I'm trying to decide between the two schools. I'm from a very rural area in Michigan so I don't think the extremely rural nature of Pikeville will be a hurdle to me, but I've also wanted to live in an actual city for a while. Additionally, I don't particularly care about OMT and I know KYCOM places a lot of emphasis on that. I'm also on the waitlist for MSUCHM and waiting to hear back from MSUCOM post interview, and if I get into either one of those schools I'll be going there.

    Thanks folks!

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