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  • Dec 31, 1999
    1. Attending Physician
      Please give a big welcome to our new co-moderator for this forum, Yosh!

      Yosh is currently a medical student and has quite a lot of good information on financial aid. I'll let yosh tell you more...

      Welcome! :) :)


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      Dec 26, 2000
      1. Attending Physician

        I wanna be like Yosh! Well not EXACTLY like him....ok, i'd like to at least mildy resemble him...

        Oh yeah, his knowledge of financial aid is boundless....he is truly an asset. Indeed.


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        Oct 25, 1999
        NW Indiana
        1. Attending Physician
          Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everyone.

          Currently I am a MSII at WesternU/COMP, in Los Angeles, CA originally from Long Island, NY...(home is soooo far away)

          I was awarded the NHSC scholarship this year, and have many friends and classmates who have the military and other scholarships as well.

          If anyone has any questions or anything...please feel free to post, e-mail, or PM me...

          I want to make this forum as good and as informative as possible....I know financial aid can be a total pain....

          ...believe me I know

          Anyway...thanks for the welcome...

          I am happy to be here....
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