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Apr 19, 2011
Hi all,

I'm a 4th yr med student from Ross. Got 224 on step 1, passed CS and waiting for CK scores to come out next week. I'd like to go into Anesthesiology but I know my step 1 scores is low. I just want to get into any program.

So far, I have about 60 anesthesia programs (the ones w/ low cut off scores and IMG friendly) and about 45 prelim IM and 10 prelim Surgery and 10 TY programs. I also have about 140 categorical IM on my list (all IMG friendly programs).

I didn't apply to the same categorical IM and anesthesia programs since I'm told is looks bad.

What are my chances? Is there anything that I should do to increase my chances? Should I add more prelim IM? I was thinking adding a few more prelim Surgery or TY since is cheaper to add those than adding prelim IM.

Thanks a ton