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Hi Everyone! First post here on SDN. Want to get a feel on what my chances are at MD schools and what MCAT score I should strive for.
Graduated in 2019 with a 3.1 overall GPA, 2.8 SGPA. After this quarter, I will have taken 32 units of post-bacc BCPM classes with a 3.91 GPA.
My undergrad story is full of ups and downs, as a first-gen I didn't know how to navigate higher education for the first 2 years followed by family medical problems right when I started getting the groove of things and having a 3.6+ GPA.
I have 1 year worth of medical research experience (paid internship), 1 year worth of social science research. Graduated with a double major in Microbiology and Sociology.
Have 1 year of volunteer work as a medical translator at my local hospital. Involved heavily and held many leadership positions for 5+ years with a mentorship organization.
Latina, Female, URM.
Currently in a much better place, with much better time management skills working full-time in the financial industry while doing a post-bacc and have so far managed a 3.9 GPA for 32 units. Would you recommend I continue taking post-bacc courses? What MCAT score should I try to achieve?
Are there MD schools that will take a look at my application?
There are plenty of MD schools (and all DO) that reward reinvention.

Your MCAT score will make or break you.

Strive for :
505+ for DO
510+ for your state MD schools
513+ for all other MD

Come back with a score and then we can advise on school list.


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Can't chance you without an MCAT score, I'm afraid. Congratulations on your incredible post-bacc improvement.

My suggestion is you aim as high as possible on your MCAT score. Aim for a 528. You will not score a 528, and that's ok. But every single point you get on the MCAT will go a long way for getting you into medical school.
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