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Oct 3, 2008
There's absolutely nothing left for me to do. I applied to Waterloo, went for an interview, wrote my OAT last week and the fall semester is over.

Interview.. I can't tell if I did well or not

OAT.. i wrote it on 19th, and here are my results
QR 390
RC 370
Bio 360
Chem 360
Orgo 400
Phys 390
TS 390
AA 380

Overall undergrad avg: around 81-82%

For Waterloo, they said average OAT score of admitted students was 370, and average undergrad avg ranged from 81-94%.. very competitive.

So my undergrad avg is at the lower end of the range.. hopefully my OAT would make up for my marks.

Any Waterloo optom students or applicants can tell me my chances?

Thanks in advance!
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