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Dec 18, 2008
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Well, I"m a Canadian student who have a very low GPA (2.7) and I'm graduating next semester (2009) with major in Physiology... I haven't taken MCAT.... I know that with this kind of mark, I will not stand a chance... It seems that only thing I can do at this point is doing a second degree but I don't know how much help that will do... So I just want to know if anyone is in my position, what they are doing to compensate for the low GPA and what do you guys recommend....


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Aug 1, 2005
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Have you heard about the islands, mon!

With that GPA unless you kill the MCAT 35+ and raise your GPA to around 3.2-3.3, then you are basically wasting alot of time and effort on a chance.

Plus, from what I have read, it is much harder to get into med school up there.

So, I would just go to the Caribbean and work hard. You could save yourself alot of time.

You have to ask yourself whether it would be harder to kill the MCAT and raise that GPA or battle your way through the Caribbean route.

Choice is yours. GL!
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