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Aug 28, 2008
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I would but this in the other forum but it pertains to what looks better for grad school.
I'm about to register for my spring semester of my soph. year and I have 2 options:
Honors seminar in ethics or Mind and Cognition and the lab that goes with it.
I am taking a pretty advanced spanish class, my first stats class (I'm scared) and psychopathology and possibly one more class but I can get away with taking 12 credits this semester. (thank God)
I was wondering if an honors psych. class looks good on a transcript. I don't know if it will be offered to me at an honors level again so I'm concerned if I should take it now because it is one of my required classes anyways or wait.
Both classes are taught by "rough" professors and I'm interested in both so those are not deciding factors, I just want to know if the extra work is worth having it on my transcript...

tears for susan

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Jul 23, 2008
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I suppose it looks better on your transcript, but it is all relative. If you did some honors courses but didnt fair well in classes stats, then it may not appeal to graduate schools at all. This depends on what program you are applying to. Just some personal advice: Take heavier unit loads now so that when you are a senior and stressing about graduate school applications like the way i am, you might not have as much a course load to worry about.
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