MD What did you do (wish you did) the summer before med school?

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Oct 23, 2017
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The 'Rona has definitely made my pre-matriculation summer plans more complicated, and frankly anticlimactic. I was hoping to take a bunch of extended road trips to the coast to surf, ride my mountain bike a ton, lift weights, go on two planned backpacking trips, and work the occasional odd job to keep some cash flow.

State Park campgrounds are all still closed so extended beach trips are a lot tougher/more expensive to go on. Can't lift much as my gym is still closed (thank god for the pull-up bar). One of the two places I wanted to backpack is closed. And any odd job I was hoping to get/had planned has been canceled and nobody is hiring. I've definitely been riding my bike a ton though.

The rest of summer will probably just be more of the same with the addition of finalizing my immunizations and getting the necessary supplies for school like a new laptop (mine currently has duct tape on it), re-familiarizing myself with anki, and trying to not spend too much money. I'm also starting to meet some of my cohort through our class's Facebook page.