What do I do now?

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Aug 11, 2008
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I've had one interview to my state school last month. I found out a few days ago I won't get an answer till March now. The deans of the school told us at the interview that we'd hear from them in a month telling us yes, maybe, or no. They said most of us would get the "maybe," which says the final decision on your app. will be made in March. If no "maybe", then some of us would get a no and a few may get a yes. They said they are very conservative with early acceptances in regular decision and give out most of their acceptances in March. At least I avoided the early post-interview rejection haha...I've been told that I'm not in a bad situation with the school, but I don't know...I would much rather have gotten an acceptance now obviously.

So, what do I do now till March? I haven't heard anything from the other schools I have applied to. Should I send updates? Do updates really help?

I'm really banking everything on my state school, which seems to love to reject 1st time applicants so now I'm worried since I have to wait till March. What can I do? Should I send a letter of intent? Is the LOI just to assure them that you will attend their school if accepted?


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May 24, 2008
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Hey, Im pretty sure I know exactly which school you are talking about. I have a question for you, did they contact you about that "maybe" status, or did you contact them?? Cause I havent heard anything from them and its been just over a month for me.

And as far as a LOI, I think that it is a bit early for that right now. Plus, they told me at my interview at that school that they do not really take update letters very seriously and most of them end up in an electronic file which never gets looked at. So my advice is to hang-tight for a bit. If you do have any substantial updates for other schools you've applied to, then you might as well update them. It wont hurt, but it rarely helps.