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Mar 6, 2010
Medical Student
Do I need to apply to MD/MBA program instead of just MD?

Do I need higher GPA and MCAT than average med school matriculates?

Do I need any other particular extracurricular activities??

I guess I would need some work experience, and is working as a CNA count as working experience?
(this could be an ignorant question, but I am ignorant lol)
Mar 31, 2010
Depends on the school. At McGill, the MD/MBA doesn't require anything more if you qualify for the MDCM program.

That's only the baseline, like how they say it's recommended that you get atleast a 3.5GPA. It is however recommended that you have a background in business.

Most MD/MBA candidates will have a background in business, or atleast demonstrate that they are interested in a being an Administrative Physician (Same thing as a regular physician, extra with some administrative task)

Its actually harder to get into the MD/MBA program because you need 5 evaluation reports instead of 3.

As long as you have a high GPA and MCAT, with a business background, you have good odds.

I'd recommend you complete a Diploma/Certificate (1 year) in Management/Accountancy etc. Usually BA or BCom holders are admitted to those, but you might be able to qualify for rattrapage (upgrading) and get admitted.

Business experience is a must on top of medical experience, and you have an extra burden to demonstrate why you want to go into MD/MBA