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Sep 6, 2003
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Alright, so I've got this guy on my floor who like is obsessed with the idea of being a doctor. He always initiates these conversations with me, and it's like a constant competition. I got 100% on our first biology midterm and this is what he says to me:

"Yeah, well I've got the personality for medicine. You've got the marks for it, but I'd make a way better doctor."

I think personality plays a role in it, but would you rather a doctor who had less personality but knew more **** than someone with a nice personality and knew dick? (i.e. Nick Riviera)?

Anyone else getting this from people? Why are people such egotistical jackasses?

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You know it's funny. People put a lot of stress on bringing good, friendly people into the medical profession. I agree with this. Yet, that classic interview question pops into my head when I think about the issue. "If your mother needed surgery to fix her terminal brain tumor, would you rather have an dingus surgeon with the best hands in the business or a nice surgeon with not-so-steady hands perform the surgery?" Food for thought, I guess.
I wonder....are being nice and being an awesome doctor mutually exclusive qualities?
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Why are you telling people your grades?
I agree with HollyJ.. why are you telling people your grades? I like it best when people SAY they LOOK like a doctor and I just fall on the ground laughing.

But I think it's a fine balance between skills and personality. While a surgeon may or may not need the best personality since its pretty cut and dry (wet I should say).. you know what you're doing or you don't and it's readily observable.

BUT remember, a doctor also has to gain the TRUST of the patient. Especially if they're your primary care physician. If you're an dingus or big prick, are your patients going to continually trust you with their intimacy and confidence? Not readily I assure you.
I think both of you need to relax. I agree with what others have said--why do you feel the need to share your midterm scores with that guy? You are making it a competition as well. The next time he asks, just say you did well. You can get through undergrad (albeit without much fun) that way but if you make it to med school, that type of attitude will get you ostracized.

Second, both of you need to reevaluate why you want to be a doctor in the first place. If you're constantly feeling the need to prove to each other why you'd be a better doctor than the other, it sounds like you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
freddy say REEEELAAAAX....

let him employ his defense mechanisms on someone else. or if you do have to tell him what you got...always subtract 30 from it. that should keep him happy and quiet. :laugh: