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Sep 15, 2016
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Osmosis was founded by Shiv Gaglani and Ryan Haynes as two M1 med students at Johns Hopkins. They created it as a tool to improve the way clinicians and students learn and retain information

"It started as a crowd source question bank."

A little info on our founders:
Shiv Gaglani
has a BS in biomedical engineering and health policy as well as an MBA from Harvard University. He's also co-founder of Smartphone Physical LLC, which aims to reimagine the physical exam through unique mobile health applications. In addition, he's an editor at Medgadget and a contributor to various publications.

Ryan Haynes has a degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Masters in Nanotechnology Enterprise and PhD in Neuroscience from University of Cambridge. He's been developing educational software for the past 15 years and has written online textbooks on linear algebra and computer science, as well as led the development of an open source 3D anatomy viewer (check it out on

Shiv and Ryan are both MD candidates at Johns Hopkins Medical School with a strong desire to develop tech-based solutions in medicine and education.

Check out Shiv's presentation at TransformingEDU 2014 conference as he talks about the vision of Osmosis.

Don't forget to comment or ask us a question to be 1 of 3 winners to get 1 full year access to the Osmosis Prime platform. In the meantime, sign up now for 1 month free access (exclusive for SDN Test Prep Week).

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