What is the general impression of DPM's

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by ryex, Feb 2, 2002.

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    What is the general impression or feeling about DPM's
  2. My FP doctor seems to have a problem with them. He stated that none of his patients get better after seeing them.
  3. My DPM is awesome. Great person and a great doc. As with any field, it depends on the person doing the job.
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    Varies widely depending on who you ask, theri experiences and the people they may know. Some people who may have negaive or poor feelings towards DPMs may not have any experience with them, and have developede htis attitude through biases. Or perhaps with limited experience.

    Since you seem to have an interest, I would recommend talking to a few of the DPMs in your area. I am sure that most would be more than glad to have you shadow them. If you are having trouble locating someone nearby, try doing a websearch. The American Academy of Podiatric Practice Mangement should be helpful. Also try Podiatry Online.
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