I am currently entering into Community College this fall and I'm curious as to know what math classes I should take for me to later enter into Physical Therapy School?

I heard that Statistics I is a course that I should take, but is Statistics II required?
Also is Calculus needed as well?

Thank you very much and I apologize in advance if I happen to post this in the wrong area of the forum!


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Jul 21, 2013
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75% of PTCAS programs have no math prerequisites besides statistics. For the ones that do, it can be college algebra, trigonometry, pre-calc or calculus (rare). If you take trig and college algebra but don't make it to calc, you're probably covering >90% of schools.

For statistics, most require one course, but you need to check with the programs you are interested in-- some require that the course have ANOVA, both descriptive/inferential statistics, etc.

Here is a table summarizing the prereq requirements for PTCAS schools.


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Apr 22, 2013
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Try looking at the websites of a number of schools you might be interested in applying to. They will clearly spell out exactly what you are required to have taken.