What MCAT do I need for Interview with present GPA

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Jun 8, 2011
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I have a 3.78 overall GPA and a 3.90 BCPM GPA. I am going to graduate from a selective private University. I am really nervous about my MCAT score though. I have not gotten it back yet but I didn't feel like I got over a 28 and my practice scores were always around and 28/29. I have already applied ED to a state school I really want to go to, so I can't apply to other schools until later in the process if I don't get in ED to that school. I have a good bit of volunteer experience and other EC activities. What MCAT do you think I need to get interviews at medical schools (MD or DO) having told you my GPA and that I have lots of shadowing and volunteer experience?

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I had the same GPA, and was accepted with a 27. Keep your head up. If not this year then next.
i just pmed you. in a very similar situation. please reply!