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Jan 13, 2007
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When did everyone first take the DATs? I plan on taking the DATs next year in January/February-ish. But I want to leave room to take them again in case I don't score well, but I don't want to take them so late that I am considered an unofficial "late applicant". So I was wondering what everyone suggests as to when I should first take in the DATs in order to leave sufficient room to take them again and still apply early? Thanks!


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Oct 14, 2006
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I know someone who works for the ADEA. She told me that last cycle, more students scored really, really high in August and September than usual. She said that scores are typically higher in late November/December, and in August/September. Scores are also lowest in March-May. (Maybe it's because people are rushing to take the exam?)


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Feb 16, 2007
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Well not that you should do what I did but I took my DAT the first week of sept 06....

And it was fine and im accepted to dent school for fall of 07....

But yes waiting that long does not leave you much room for error, then again honestly you should have it programed in your head your only going to take this test once and treat it as if you only have one shot at it... AKA get it right the first time put in some diligent study time and bring your A game test day knock it out and be done with it.....

Any way just an opinion thats how I treated it, I said ill study all summer for it take the test knock it out apply and it worked out fine for me...
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