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Dec 31, 1999
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Man, when I was in medical school in the 90s, everyone was going into FP and nobody wanted to do specialties.

It's interesting how the specialty pendulum swings.

Jim Picotte

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Nov 6, 2001
Traverse City, Michigan
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This just shows you how much medical students look at future job opportunities and listen to government reports. Back in the early-mid 90's there was so much talk about how we're going to have 40% more specialists than we need and that the country is in dire demand for Family Practice, Internal Med, Peds primary care specialties. Even the programs listened, cutting a bunch of specialty residency slots and adding more primary care slots. Seems now that every field in medicine is in need. Additionally, in my home town as well as another smaller community, the only type of physician that they AREN'T currently trying to recruit are FAmily practice and general internists, but are in dire need of specialists as they have plenty.

I think you need to do what you love though and try not to look at the market too much because things change so quickly in medicine.


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Jul 11, 2002
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It stinks, too, because I was actually considering going into an FP/Psych combo residency like that offered at UCSF or UCDavis. But, oh, well, I still have a long time to go, so maybe trends will change. If not, then I plan to choose Emergency Med, Surgery, or Ophthalmology, or Pediatrics depending on the availability of the slots.
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