What Self Learning Book Is Best For Organic Chemistry I?

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Apr 16, 2006
    I will be taking Organic Chemistry I in the fall (107 days from today) and am tremendously frightened. I will attempt to get the textbook and syllabus very shortly. Can anybody recommend the best self learning book to assist me in learning Organic Chemistry I as I read the textbook? I have heard from many that Organic Chemistry as a Second Language is the best self help book. Is this true? Are there any books that are better than Organic Chemistry as a Second Language? Also, any input on how I could do well on Organic Chemistry I will be appreciated as well. Thanks to anybody for any input.


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    Oct 16, 2007
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      but yes organic chemistry as a second language by klein is what i recommend. there's two volumes for semester I and semester II. the chapter on acid/base and resonance is VERY helpful. mastering those two will help you for the year.
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      Jul 27, 2006
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        I'm taking Organic in the summer right now and I have Pushing Electrons, Organic as a 2nd language, and Organic Chemistry 1 for dummies. My average with a drop grade is 100, or a 98 without the drop that we get. The funny thing is, I haven't found Pushing Electrons and Organic as a 2nd language helpful at all. The Organic for dummies has helped me and my fellow classmate out the most. It saved me when Sn1/Sn2 and E1/E2 reactions were introduced.


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        Apr 16, 2008
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          You should try, "The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry: A Student's Guide to Success" by Joel Karty. Like you I was freaking out before I took Orgo I and happened to find this book randomly on Amazon. It's designed to be used before you start actually taking the class. It helped me SO much! I can't recommend it enough.
          "I wished I had gone to class, but this book sort of helped me learn" was a good one for me. Kidding.....a few of my friends have said the organic chemistry as a 2nd language book helped them
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