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Dec 14, 2003
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Hello I would be grateful for advice regarding the following.
I am currently in a radiology training programme in europe that will take me about six years to complete.
I want to do radiology in the USA.
should I complete my training programme here, do USMLE and then apply for radiology attending positions in the USA?
Should I do USMLE as quick as possible and apply for a radiology residency programme?

Which one of the above routes is the best if I want to settle in the states as a diagnostic/interventional radiologist.

Many thanks


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Jan 30, 2005
Your training won't make you eligible to become an attending over here right away.

It is however possible to finish your training and then do a subspecialty fellowship in the US. After finishing a fellowship, there are limited opportunities to stay as junior attending at some academic medical centers. Once you spend 4 years in the system over here (typically 1-2 years of fellowship + 1-3 years a junior faculty), you are eligible to sit for the american board exam. The odds of completing this pathway are not that bad, but it is surely not a 100% thing (Particularly if the labor market for radiologists over here starts to tighten again, the currently ample supply of academic positions that open up this pathway will dry up.)

On the other hand, getting into a radiology residency as a foreigner at this time is very difficult. Even if you have good USMLE scores and a couple of years of european experience, your chances are probably still very slim to get into a residency position.
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