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Mar 29, 2004
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Im a first year with strong interest in Anasthesiology. I would like to shadow an anesthesiologist b/c I really don't know that much about the field. Is this common. Will there be much for me to see since I don't understand much if any of the details about what is really going on?

Also, the Anesthesiologist that I would likely ask to shadow is the Dean of our University so I want this to be a good experience. Any suggestions? - Thanks


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Jul 31, 2005

forget shadowing.. and get some sleep youre gonna need it.. you will get enough clinical medicine when the time comes.. I think its great that you are showing an interest early on but relax .. youll get there.. Whats important right now for you is to pass all your classes, keep things in perspective, get some rest, and avoid depression.. and pace yourself..

IF you must know.. what to expect.. probably a lot of down time, followed by coffee break, followed by bathroom break, followed by a cancelled case. then it will probably be lunch time by then so you will eat lunch, then you will sign someone out of recovery room, another bathroom break, then maybe a couple of relief breaks, check the schedule for the next day, see a preop or three then its time to go home and do it all over again tomorrow... so it should be exciting
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