What SMP/post-bacc programs would give me the best chance of getting accepted to a USMD?

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Dec 25, 2022
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Programs currently on my list to apply to: Georgetown, EVMS, Temple, Boston, U Cincinnati, Brown Gateways to Medicine, SUNY Upstate MedPrep. I was too late to apply to Drexel and I think like a lot of these are rather selective programs, so I feel like I should be applying to more. Is anybody in the same boat/have suggestions for additional programs I should look into? I have already taken pre-reqs, and plan to do an SMP or post-bacc as a record enhancer.

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Check to see which has the best linkage. 1 year programs are more ideal than spending 2 years at double the tuition.
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NYMC has a 1-year SMP that offers a guaranteed interview if you have an MCAT >/= to 508, and SMP GPA of 3.4 or greater. They also offer a 2 year program that guarantees acceptance to their medical school if you meet the criteria.