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What states have the most opportunities for dentists?

Discussion in 'Dental' started by marmoreus, May 26, 2002.

  1. marmoreus

    marmoreus Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    May 24, 2002
    I don't think this topic has been brought up in some time. You often hear that a particular area of the country or a particular state has a lot of opportunities for dentists. Does anyone know anything about this? For example, do states that are experiencing significant population growth necessarily present greater opportunities for dentists wishing to practice there (e.g. arizona, nevada etc.)? Or are the opportunities pretty well spread out across the country? Any thoughts?
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  3. neeky

    neeky Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 2, 2001
    I am no expert..but I have heard of one state in need of dentists..Maine. As for the rest of the country, no clue. Anyone else out there have any insights??
  4. iflossdaily

    iflossdaily Banned Banned

    Nov 26, 2001
    Most rural areas in the mid-west and the south need dentists. I've heard that Oregon also has a shortage.
  5. DrJeff

    DrJeff Senior Member Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Nov 30, 2000
    Brooklyn, ct
    To put it basically, which ever state you want too live in is a state with good opportunities. Basically there are currently more dentists retiring than graduating each year, so any graduate is in demand. As a whole the rural sections are a bit more underserved than the cities, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of city opportunities.

    The best thing that I can tell you, is figure out where you'd like to live first, and then look from there because there WILL be plenty of practices available in that general area <img border="0" alt="[Clappy]" title="" src="graemlins/clappy.gif" />

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