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Just joined the forum. Lot of good information everywhere I look. I am definitely a non-trad pre-med student. Married with kids, got my B.S. a few years back, now going back to improve GPA and of course get those pre-med classes done. Still another year from taking the MCAT, but I'm in no rush. I read through most of the threads here but couldn't find one where people gave their stats who actually got accepted. What I'm actually looking for are stats where you got accepted to a school but one of your areas, GPA, MCAT or any other lagged. Also what do you think got you in. :clap: There more people could offer their ideas the better. Thanx a million.

If there is another thread on this already..sorry.


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Also go to and purchase an MSAR or go to the library and ask for one. It gives averages for accepted students to every American and Canadian medical school. It also has tons of other information.
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