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Jan 8, 2002
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Hey all, i would like to know from those who either attend temple or have info about temple, what is so special about temple. I got asked that question in my secondary. I really want to go there since my aunt lives very near there but I dont want to state that the location is the only reason i want to go there. Can the temple people tell me anything special that they feel temple has to offer which no other school can. Thank you much.


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Jul 27, 2002
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i wrote about their new children's hjospital. I am interested in Peds and I figure it would give me a good chance to do a lot of volunteering early on, and once I do rotations it would be a great place to work. Plus, there are a lot of research centers there and since philly is a big city tons of hospitals. I tried to mention that since UPENN and Jefferson and Hahneman (now Drexel) were there too it would offer a great deal of support to medical students. Although i don't know if it really makes a difference to them. Hope that helps.
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