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    Hey everybody!

    So Im graduating soon and am taking a year off and applying for the Fall 2017 entering class. I know my science gpa is just way too low (2.3), and my gpa is 3.1, which is incredibly low.

    Im moving back to my hometown after graduating and my question is: would it be better to retake some prereq's (like ochem, physics, anatomy) at a nearby university, or should I do a masters program in biology?

    Im soo confused and let down at this point, just debating which would work better (and be cheaper) for me. If i go the masters route I dont know what I would use the masters degree for. Im leaning towards just retaking some classes at a local university so I can live at home and save money and have time to shadow and study for the OAT.

    If anyone is/was in a similar situation as me, feel free to share what you did/going to do.



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    Jul 21, 2015
      I would do a post-bacc and retake the classes you did poorly in. You want to demonstrate that you are capable of acing those classes and capable of surviving a professional tier curriculum. I'm not really sure how effective masters programs are for optometry admission. For medical students, if the GPA is that low, it's recommended that they try and enroll in a special masters program relating to medicine. The curriculum and workload in these programs are equivalent to what you would see in the didactic years of medical school. However, I don't think there is an option like this for optometry.

      tl;dr it's better to retake your prereqs.
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        Hey everyone, so I just need a little clarification......

        Please excuse my lack of knowledge on this, but what exactly is a post bac program? Is there a set number of units and specific classes I need to take or does it only refer to people who are just taking classes after they've graduated? What if I'm only interested in retaking just a few pre-reqs to boost my GPA? Would I need to register for a post-bacc program?

        I've tried to look it up online but had no luck. If you've been in a similar situation, please feel free to respond!

        Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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