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Sep 26, 2006
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I'm at this weird phase right now. I took my MCAT about 2 and a half weeks ago and just walking out, I knew that I bombed the thing. I'm in something of a weird position, though. I'm leaving in late may for an internship abroad at WHO and not getting back until late August, making a retake something that'll have to wait until next year. With that possibility of having to wait a year before applying staring me in the face, I'm wondering what I do now. Do I stay at my lab at the University and work for another year, retake the test, and reapply? Do I cross my fingers and apply for a fulbright, then see if it'll carry me through? Are there any other options at all? I figured that this was the best place to look for advice on this sort of thing, although it seems like most people are really off to a successful start in terms of nailing the test and going to med school. What do you guys think?


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Apr 20, 2008
for your year off, just make sure you're doing stuff to make your application stronger

continue doing research and try to get published
volunteer/get more clinical experience
keep studying for the MCAT
def. apply for the fulbright. that'll be an awesome thing to put on your resume if you get it.

I thought I did REALLY bad on my MCAT, but my scores came out ok. I'm not kidding, for my Physics section, I ran out of time so I had to bubbled in two passages. when you take your mcat again, DO NOT walk out if you're already there! you might've been just nervous!