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Oct 16, 2008
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So, I just finished the first year out of two at a practically SMP Masters and have applied to 45+ MD schools. Lets say I dont get in and have to take a glide year and apply again; what is the best thing to do to increase my chances that would take only one year to complete? I am debating applying to MPH programs as well that can be finished in a year, but dont know if that will be good enough. How about getting my EMT-B and Paramedic certs?(which I could use and be on search and rescue if I dont get in once again)

My undergrad stats are poor: 3.3 non science, 2.7 science(failing a single class due to illness really F'd me). But I have a 30S MCAT(would do better if I had to retake, Ive been getting 36's on practice tests), and a 3.5+ in med school courses at my non SMP Masters at a med school where I take the same classes as first year med students and there is no curve and no grade inflation.

If I dont get in this cycle after completing my Masters, is it of any use at this point to go do a post-bacc to repeat the undergrad pre-med requirements that I did not too very well on during undergrad?

What does everyone else do during gap years after SMPs? I searched and didnt find a good thread but please direct me that way if I missed it.

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