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Oct 19, 2004
Ok guys I am planning on doing a post bac and then goin straight into med school the following year. Some schools have a program where u take 3/4 of the first year med school classes during the post bac and then enter the first year the following year where u only have to take the remainder 1/4 of the first year classes. The thing is in my actualy first year of med school when i am only going to be taking a total of 12-15 units for the whole year what should I do? Right now studying for the USMLE's sounds the best. Because since 3/4 of the first year classes I should have already taken in my post bac studying should be not as hard because everything would be fresh in my mind. The other option is to start research early so it can be done before the second year starts....I really hope this makes sense...and sorry for making it loooong....thank you!
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