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Dec 13, 2001
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why worry about all the logitic problems now??/

donte i just press the submit button on the AMCAS application and wait for the schools to respond??

some schools will send secondaries others will not..why start printing applications off the websites and sending them in..what if they dont even want you at their school

is my reasoning correct? just sit back and wait for the schools to send secondaries or am i suppose to be doing something else right now???

thanks all!


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Mar 17, 2002
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some schools do not screen for the secondary app and they might already be posted on their website for applicants to fill out. they will probably notify you that your AMCAS has been received and that you can now fill out their secondary online, but you could start now if you wanted to get a head start. be careful though, some schools don't want you sending things in before they tell you to, so read the application instructions carefully.


i figure the only reason for seeing the secondaries now is so there isn't a big crunch when the deluge of questions arrives. however, i think i'm a bit too lazy for that, and will probably just wait till "the **** hits the fan". the only obvious question i can think of is "why md/phd". the rest i'll do by ear. but all that after i submit part 1 at least.
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