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Sep 23, 2007
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I'm reading Step Up to Medicine for my IM rotation and it seems as though lots of the information we had to know for Step 1 isn't emphasized here. It's been a while since I sat for Step 1 and lots of the background information has simply vanished.

I'm beginning to want to pick up my FA for Step 1 and RR Path and read those again.

So what's the emphasis for the Step 2? Management and "what-would-you-do-next" type questions?


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Apr 23, 2004
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Or "Crush Step II"

It's less esoteric stuff than Step I

I thought it was similar to shelf exams...like they pulled a few questions from IM shelf, Surgery, Pedi, OB, etc...


at the fateful hour
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Oct 11, 2004
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Is there any way to pull old shelf exams, like the ones you took, and see what you got wrong? I'm doubting there is, but it would be soooo helpful! I did poorly on certain shelf exams and have no idea why!! Looking at my exams would probably raise my future Step II score more than anything else.
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