What would be most beneficial for me to do this summer? Research or clinical experience?

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Oct 14, 2017
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So I'm a junior in college, my major is Behavior and Health. I had been planning to be an Occupational Therapist for a WHILE but last month I just realized I was picking that career because I thought I wasn't "smart enough" to go into research/PhD work like I wanted to back in high school. I want to study schizophrenia, specifically the prodromal phase and the onset of psychosis.
Here is what I've done in college as far as extracurriculars:

Tae Kwon Do
SAT Tutor for low income school students
Prison Book Club
Worked at a rehab facility for people with Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons
Worked as a teacher for at risk children (full time, wrote curriculum, 8 weeks over the summer)
One semester research experience in a lab studying the risk of falling after Bariatric (Weight-loss) surgery.
One semester intern at a mental health outpatient facility, interacting with and helping with therapy for bipolar disorder, schizophrenic patients, individuals that failed to respond to therapy.
One semester research in a lab studying verbal and social language development in children with autism. Will continue working here

I'm wondering what internship I should pursue this summer that would be most valuable to getting into a PhD program (I'm going to take a gap year though). Research or clinical experience?