Whats best way to study for OAT???? HELP???


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Sep 4, 2007
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Hi, :zip: everyone!
I have a question does any one know what is the best material or place or something that will help with the studying of the OAT????
Thanks have a great day!! :p

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Check out the Kaplan Review notes which only the Kaplan class sells, (although you can find people selling on the forums). Also, OAT Destroyer is a good source for cranking out problems since it also has detailed answers. Flash cards are good for memorizing formulas and trivial questions. I'm actually selling those if you are interested.
hey - I used the OAT Destroyer and it really helped me. its got tons of q's which is great and really covers everything. You should also check out one of the computer tests like achiever which is a great way to test yourself and see where your at.
good luck
I found it helpful to do a comprehensive review of all the science material on the exam (Kaplan MCAT review book, old textbooks, etc...) and then doing loads of practice tests/questions. I never used the OAT destroyer but had a few old OAT practice tests. I would take the tests and study the areas I was deficient in to supplement the areas I did well in. For the RC part I read non fiction books of all sorts of subjects...that part I never worried about. Keeps things interesting as well, taking a break to read books that didn't have anything to do with physics or botany or organic chemistry, etc...

Good luck!
kaplan MCAT prep for general review
schaumm's outlines for detailed review
examcracker 1000Qs for lots of practice questions
kaplan OAT prep (the thin one) for practice Qs
achiever for getting used to computerized tests (but not too useful for questions since it's too detailed)