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Jul 5, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm posting in this forum to get your solid feedback on which schools I would have a direct shot at.

Undergrad cGPA: 3.3
MPH Graduate GPA: 3.6
Graduated college: 2007
Last MCAT: 19 (August 2010)
MCAT test date future: July 2012

Work experience:
-Public Health consulting since 2009

-Public health textbook chapter on maternal/child health

-Boston hospital pre-med program
-Women's shelter volunteer
-Assistant editor academic journal at university
-Founding President of college club
-Research with WHO

**My plan is to submit AMCAS by June 22nd with one school choice, take the MCAT July 6th or 14th, scores back Aug 6th or 14th - add additional schools then. Some people telling July is way too late to take the MCAT.

***My main concern is that I need to rock the MCAT. I am pulling 23's on the AAMC practice exams.

*My goal is to look at schools that are interested in "older" applicants and that have a public health/ social mission focus.

Two questions:
-Which schools are those in your opinion and why? I really don't think I want DO.
-Is July too late? I'm confident that it isn't , but would like to hear your take.



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Oct 12, 2011
July is late, but in my opinion that's not the primary problem with your application. OP, are you URM? If you are not, I would discourage you from applying with a projected mcat that is so low. Unless there is some extraordinary aspect to you candidacy, and I mean extraordinary (let's say Rhodes scholar or 1st team all-american athlete) you will likely not receive any acceptances. For perspective, over the last 2 years, white applicants with an undergrad gpa of 3.3 and an mcat of 23 got accepted <7% of the time. If you are black, that number is still <33%. A 3.3 doesn't preclude you from admission but an MCAT that low most likely does.

OP,don't waste your time and money applying when you stand so little chance of getting in. Instead, wait until you are confident you can score better- at least high 20's- and then apply.

It's not the type of thing you're going to want to do multiple times.


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Jan 17, 2010
los angeles, california
With all other levels, GPA and ECs and personal statement, being around the average, an application submitted in August would be okay.

You already have a low cGPA, so there can be no lateness with your application - even with a 35 MCAT. When any part of the application falls below the average, you will be outcompeted every time when you submit late...maybe if you have a 40+ MCAT then things are different.
Submitting any later than the end of June, and then secondaries later than July, will seriously affect your chances of interview and acceptances, more importantly interview.
Look for schools that offer MD?MPH programs at this site, and sort out those where your stats are reasonable...