What's more important for IMG residency application: hospital name or practical experience?

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Aug 17, 2017
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Hi guys, Im an IMG from Germany, that just graduated from one of the top Universities here. I plan on applying for residency next year, and will need to work in a german hospital until I match. I also will have to take my USMLEs soon. I have 2 concrete options right now for work: 1 University hospital with a top (possible world renowned) name, during which I wont have too much practical experience, and wont have enough time to study for the USMLEs (would start work in 4-6 weeks), and 1 hospital that is a lesser known "teaching" hospital (not University hospital), that has decent working hours and would allow me to study about 3 hrs a day for the USMLEs (would start work in 6 weeks). There, I would however gain more OR time and practical experience. So my question is, is it better to have more practical experience or a world renowned hospital name on my application for residency?

Im really struggling with this decision, and dont know whats best in the long run for the goal of practicing in the States.
Dec 26, 2017
Afaik the name of your hospital won't matter unless the person looking at your application knows about the hospital. Usually program coordinators don't have as much of an idea. On the other hand, your Step 1 scores will serve as the number that will either filter in or filter out your application for prospective programs. In an ideal world you'd do your residency at hospital 1 and do amazingly well on your step exams. But if you had to choose, and you have your heart set on practicing in the states, choose the second program and rock your Step 1 and 2. Good luck.
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