when do I submit my LORs?

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Mar 17, 2008
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OK, maybe this is trivial but I'm having trouble finding someone that knows the answer.

I am in the initial application process. When I finish my AAMCS, pay and send out the preliminary application, do I need to send out my letters of rec to the schools individually if the don't take part in the AAMCS electronic LOE deal? Or do I wait until I (hopefully) receive secondary applications before I send away the LORs?

Just wondering because the outfit that has my LORs charges $10 a pop. That's roughly $50 a school.

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You submit your LOR at the same time as your secondary is submitted-many schools don't want your LOR before your secondary so I usually just submit the secondary online and then immediately used my online letter service to send the letters.

Hope that helps- good luck applying this late!