When do pre-II rejections come?

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Jun 8, 2023
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Hey! I haven't received any pre-II rejections (yet lol) but I'm not sure when this information usually comes in... any ideas of when they are expected?
I guess it would make sense if they send them towards the end of cycle in case they end up changing their mind but I just want to know if I am getting an invite or a rejection. Any inputs??

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i know that this will trigger some tender SDNers, but until you get that accept email in your inbox, you are rejected. This is a much healthier way of thinking.

Until that point, you should be improving your app.

Also, it's not even Labor Day, and staff might still be on vacation. On top of that, apps are not processed in order of chronological receipt.
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Re-applicant here, so went through this whole shindig last year. Varies based on the school, but most go out toward end of cycle. Half of my pre-II rejections came in February, and most of the rest in December or January. Got 2 in September and 2 in November. You can always check previous year threads for specific schools, but each year is a little different and some schools send multiple rejection waves.

I know it's hard, but honestly you either get an interview or you don't. Find peace with the face that once your secondaries are in, there's nothing else you can do.
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